Spider Rite of the Shrouded Moon-POSTMORTEM

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POSTMORTEM has released another indie game “Spider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon” for Windows.

Description: You are a spider on the hunt! Build webs of your own design to trap and eat a wide variety of dynamic insects, each with its own behaviors and vulnerabilities. You must possess the agility and cunning of a spider to master the deep scoring system and top the per-level leaderboards in this unique, innovative blend of action, strategy, and puzzle gameplay.

What really happened at Blackbird Estate? Slip under the floorboards and through keyholes for a spider’s unique perspective on this dramatic story told in the background without text or dialog. Piece together the tattered tale of a mad inventor, a brave child, and an adventurer of the high seas who hides a dark secret. Search for clues at a crime scene, a faulty time machine, and a graveyard full of unexpected surprises.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Tiger Style
Publisher: Tiger Style

Release Name: Spider.Rite.of.the.Shrouded.Moon-POSTMORTEM
Size: 689.60 MB
Links: Homepage – Steam – NFO – NTi

Download: UPLOADED.net

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Download spider.rite.of.the.shrouded.moon.postmortem.2.zip
Direct Link


Download spider.rite.of.the.shrouded.moon.postmortem.2.zip


Download spider.rite.of.the.shrouded.moon.postmortem.2.zip


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