Low down payment, Stanton Delaplane, 1982

Yesterday I was solvent as the leading brand of aspirin Make this simple test.

Drop this man in a glass of aspirin and watch him fizzz.

All summer the foolish grasshopper sang in the taverns and pinched the waitresses.

Alas, the thrifty ant is The Banker.

[...] you don’t catch an old salt without a foxy pocket.

In Washington, the president and his men are wrestling with the government’s bills.

“We must have $150 billion if we are to see Social Security through the year 1984,” Reagan said on TV the other night.

Car insurance and money for Christmas.

“Appropriate gifts at Christmas can be used to lighten the tax load of next year,” says a writer to the financial page.

If I give a client a Christmas fifth of gin (better than I buy for myself) I can call it a business expense and deduct it from taxes.

If I give my wife a bottle of perfume, I pay the full freight.

[...] the government subsidized business enterprise while making things very tough at home.

“Cowboys don’t cry,” they told me when I was bobbing for apples.

On the plus side, I have a little account of Mexican pesos.

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Download low.down.payment.stanton.delaplane.1982.zip


Download low.down.payment.stanton.delaplane.1982.zip


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